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San Diego

Welcome to Nayuta Abacus School

Call for a free trial lesson!    925-895-1037


Join us  at our in person classes in San Diego, Kearny Mesa Area.

 or on-line lessons at your desk !


Group Classes

Currently I am offering 3 group lessons:

1 Thursday 5:30-6:30 Online

2 Friday 4:00-5:00 San Diego

3 Friday 5:00-6:00 San Diego


Each class has less than 5 students.

Each student gets attention and supervised all the times.

Private lessons / Online lessons

Abacus math can be taught online smoothly.

The teacher uses various online tools and shares PDF material.  When the student is too young, a guardian can sit together.

You will see the teacher upside down, but you can see her abacus in the same direction as yours.



What is Nayuta (那由多)?

Sanskrit for "extremely large amount" is equal to 10⁶⁰.   

The word was found in Buddhism's sutra, and it was adopted in Chinese and Japanese counting system.

In English, it is one novemdecillion in short scale and one decillion in long scale.

I named this school Nayuta knowing my students' possibiltles are countless and immense.

What is Abacus (Soroban)?

Abacus is a calculatoion tool. It is a wooden frame Abacus is a calculation tool. It is a wooden frame with sliding beads on wires.  It was brought to Japan from China about 500 years ago.  The original Abacus was improved upon and made more sophisticated in order to perform more advanced computations.  Modern Abacus is even used to extract square roots and cube roots.  In many Asian countries,  Abacus is taught in Elementary school as a part of the standard arithmetic curriculum. There is even a recognized examination and certification system.

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What are the benefits of Abacus training for children?

  1. Sense of numbers at an early age

  2. Speed and focus in problem solving

  3. Ability to process information accurately

  4. Ability to memorize through visualization

  5. Fine motor skills through finger movement

  6. Higher scores in regular math 


Even without these benefits,  practicing  Abacus can be pure fun.   Fine wood beads on the Abacus board sound just like musical instruments. 

The sound is really beautiful,  and you can solve math problems like magic!   Your children will simply enjoy it..   

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